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Ed Best



Ed Best is a qualified, professional educator with over 30 years of successful pipe    band experience and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education.  He has held many    band and solo titles in all grades including North American Champion, East Coast    Champion Supreme, Ontario Champion Supreme, West Coast Champion of Champions, and    Canadian Champion. Ed also spent 10 years as a School Music Teacher in all grades    from Elementary through the University level.


Ed has competed in, and placed at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland    in many grades up to and including Grade I.


Ed is active as an adjudicator at Highland Games throughout the United States.  He    is an “A” panel drumming and ensemble judge in the WUSPBA.  He also serves on the    Music Board  of WUSPBA, where his primary functions are grading of bands and soloists    and Adjudicator training/education and certification.  He recorded a DVD for adjudicator    training, available to the general public here http://www.wuspba.org.


Ed is a regular instructor for bands and schools across the country.  He provides    instruction to the drummers, helps with music composition and arranging.  He also    provide instruction in band ensemble.  His individual students and bands regularly    appear in the prize lists at highland games across the country.  Ed understands that    everyone is different and has different strengths and goals.  He works hard to be    sure that your needs are met.  He has experience teaching ages 4 through 80.


Visit Ed at www.scottishdrumlessons.com  and on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/ScottishDrumLessons

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