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2009 saw Todd Sucherman win the Modern Drummer Reader’s Poll for #1 Rock Drummer, #1 Educational DVD with “Methods and Mechanics” as well as #1 Clinician in DRUM! Magazine all while touring the world with the multi-platinum Styx and performing drum clinics and recording sessions from coast to coast. But the musical history began basically at birth.

Todd Sucherman grew up in a musical family. His father, Arnold J. Sucherman was a doctor by day, and a big band drummer by night. He was the house drummer at the famed Chez Parre’ in Chicago through the 1940s and 50’s. During that time he worked with Lena Horne, Sammy Davis Jr., Sophie Tucker, Joe E. Lewis, Jack Benny and countless others. While on the road, at a gig in New Orleans, Arnold met a young actress, Jo Seiwert, who was performing together in the same variety show. They were married and soon formed a family of their own.

Paul was first (keyboards), then Joel (bass), then Todd (drums). Todd was fascinated with the drums as an infant. His father taught him to play and could read music by age five. His first paying gig was with his brothers, “The Sucherman Brothers” at age six. They continued to play together and with other musicians for years.

Todd kept up with his musical studies through school and attended Berklee College of Music for one year. There he studied privately with Gary Chaffee, a world renowned educator with former students the likes of Steve Smith and Vinnie Colaiuta.

In 1988, Todd returned to Chicago and quickly established himself as a first call musician in the recording scene. As an in demand player for live and session work, this led to his association with the band Styx. Todd was called in to record when Styx’s John Panozzo was ill. After John Panozzo’s untimely death, Todd’s position in the band was solidified. Thirteen years later Styx continues to play to millions of fans all over the world averaging 100 dates a year.  Todd has recorded several albums with the band including “Big Bang Theory” which put the band in the top 50 on Billboard for the fourth straight decade.  In-between his time with Styx he’s recorded over 1000 radio and TV spots and worked with artists diverse as Peter Cetera, Brian Culbertson, Spinal Tap, Michael Bolton, The Falling Wallendas, Eric Marienthal, and Brian Wilson (including his 2003 release with Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Elton John.)  Todd has been an in demand clinician performing at drum festivals around the world.

In 2007 he produced and played on the debut from Taylor Mills, “Lullagoodbye” which featured appearance from Brian Wilson and Tommy Shaw.

After years of touring and recording, Sucherman began work on his much anticipated instructional DVD release “Methods and Mechanics” available from  In this presentation that Modern Drummer magazine called “a stunning achievement” and “one of the most stunning looking and sounding DVDs ever”, Sucherman brings the knowledge of thousands of gigs, shows and recording sessions along with over three decades as a professional drummer to this useful and unique DVD package. Astonishing technique, power and musicality explode from the various musical and solo performances throughout this presentation. Working with artists over a myriad of genres diverse as Styx, Brian Wilson, Spinal Tap, Eric Marienthal, Peter Cetera, John Wetton, Steve Cole, The Falling Wallendas and countless more, there’s a wealth of knowledge imparted that goes way beyond just the technical aspects of drumming.  Methods and Mechanics is filled with practical career tips that will help you navigate through the music business as well as mental aspects and cerebral approaches to the art of playing music on the drums.  Filmed in 16X9 in High Definition at a stunning location this DVD features music from Styx, Taylor Mills and Jerry Goodman and contains various solos and playing examples in an array of styles as well as technical lessons to enhance your rhythmic and musical vocabulary.

Sucherman won the Modern Drummer Magazine Reader’s poll for #1 Educational DVD as well as #1 Rock Drummer for 2009, as well as #1 Clinician in DRUM!

Todd has appeared on records released or unreleased with:

 Brian Wilson (Imagination) (Brian Wilson On Tour DVD) (Gettin’ In Over My Head – along with Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton & Elton John) (That Lucky Old Sun CD and live DVD) Styx (Greatest Hits 1&2, Return To Paradise, Brave New World, Arch Allies, Cyclorama, Styxworld Live, Big Bang Theory, 21st Century Live, One With Everything with the CYO) Tommy Shaw (Seven Deadly Zens) Peter Cetera (One Clear Voice) Brian Culbertson (After Hours, Secrets, Somethin’ Bout Love, Come On Up) Steve Cole (Stay Awhile, Spin) The Falling Wallendas (The Falling Wallendas, Belittle) Bob Mamet (Night and Day) Henry Kapono (Spirit Dancer, Hits) Wade Hubbard (Insanity Lane) Taylor Mills (Lullagoodbye, Under the Surface) Greg Ridley (Anthology) Michael Bolton (Only A Woman Like You) Morty Shallman (Love’s Oblivion) Lee Nysted (One Word) Billy Ocean, R Kelly, Survivor, Jim Peterik, John Wetton, Joe Lynn Turner, Fareed Haque , Rochelle, Steve Kolander, Nicholas Markos, Tim Cunningham, Jim Brickman, Danny Kravitz, Into the Green, Bill Dickens, Kane Robberts, and others.

Live Performances:

Styx, Brian Wilson, Eric Marienthal, Spinal Tap, Brian Culbertson, Steve Cole, Bobby Enriquez, David Hasselhoff, Dave Uhrich, Falling Wallendas, Bob Mamet, Darryl Jones, Sandy Torano, Bill Dickens, Fareed Haque, Peter White, Rick Braun, Michael McDermott, Josie Aiello, Lionel Cole.

Various drum clinics and festivals including Cape Breton Drum Fest, Montreal Drum Fest, PASIC ’06, and the Modern Drummer Festival 2008.

Film and Television-Radio spots:

The Negotiator (trailer), If These Walls Could Talk 2 (HBO), Twice upon a Time (Lifetime), Jingles–over a thousand spots, the likes of McDonald’s, Budweiser, Honda, Pepsi, Reebok, Miller, Nabisco, etc.

Learn more about Todd by visiting his site at

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Feb 212013

Quote from Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation’s “Hitting the High Notes” Newsletter dated 2/21/2013. 

Mr Holland's Opus Foundation

    “Our new instruments arrived in a few shipments, with most coming the day of our concert. When I announced that the instruments were here, I instantly had an army of volunteers to help carry the instruments to our band room. We carefully unpacked the instruments while I enjoyed watching their faces light up as each case was opened. Even the extra trombone mouthpiece brought a cheer!


       That night at our concert I almost cried as I saw students proudly warming up and coming to me exclaiming, ‘I can play so much better with this flute’, ‘I can hit the high notes with this trombone’, ‘the stage lights shine off my new saxophone’. One young man that had always played an old worn out saxophone had the biggest smile I had ever seen when he entered the stage proudly carrying our new tenor. Then our concert started and for the first time my trombone players could all play at the same time. We had enough mouthpieces and trombones for everyone! No more sharing instruments, while the rest waited for a turn.


        Our principal was so pleased with the instruments. He had worked very hard  juggling the school budget to try and find resources for all the student’s needs. These instruments were truly what our school, students, and community needed. They gave a bright spot in a world filled with the strain of budget cuts, poverty, and job loss. I can not thank you enough.  I will always   remember your foundation as will our students and community. Our Mr. Holland’s Opus stickers are proudly displayed on the cases for a reminder that there are people out there that care about a small community and the success of our children. Thank you again.”

— Rynda Shumway, Round Valley Middle School, Eagar, AZ


This teacher is one of many who are doing their best for their students.  Please go here to see a list of the other schools we have   helped this year.

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Feb 162013

I’m pleased to announce that drummer extraordinaire, Todd Sucherman, has joined the Fusion Drums family by endorsing the Gig-a-Tul.  Holding the drum chair for rock supergroup Styx since 1995, Todd has graced the cover of all of the major drum magazines in recent years.  Todd’s dedication to furthering the art of drumming education is evident through his critically acclaimed Methods & Mechanics DVDs and book series.

Stay tuned for a complete bio and promotional photo in the near future.  In the meantime, visit his website at


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As a professional drummer with over 25 years in the music industry, I’ve worked in every medium from live televison, recording, to touring with international acts.

Recently I have performed with Pat Travers, Jani Lane of Warrant, Cowboy Troy, Big and Rich, Joe Nichols, Eric Martin of Mr.Big, and Paul Rodgers for a 2008 Super Bowl Party.

I also do video editing for Troy Luccketta of Tesla, the band Telsa, the Lissa Wales Benefit concert, Todd Sucherman, George Lynch, and 93.3 KDKB Headbangers Heaven show, David Ellefson’s Rock Shop, plus many others.

Learn more about Randy and his recording studio, 22 Media Productions.

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Feb 022013

Ed Best



Ed Best is a qualified, professional educator with over 30 years of successful pipe    band experience and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education.  He has held many    band and solo titles in all grades including North American Champion, East Coast    Champion Supreme, Ontario Champion Supreme, West Coast Champion of Champions, and    Canadian Champion. Ed also spent 10 years as a School Music Teacher in all grades    from Elementary through the University level.


Ed has competed in, and placed at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland    in many grades up to and including Grade I.


Ed is active as an adjudicator at Highland Games throughout the United States.  He    is an “A” panel drumming and ensemble judge in the WUSPBA.  He also serves on the    Music Board  of WUSPBA, where his primary functions are grading of bands and soloists    and Adjudicator training/education and certification.  He recorded a DVD for adjudicator    training, available to the general public here


Ed is a regular instructor for bands and schools across the country.  He provides    instruction to the drummers, helps with music composition and arranging.  He also    provide instruction in band ensemble.  His individual students and bands regularly    appear in the prize lists at highland games across the country.  Ed understands that    everyone is different and has different strengths and goals.  He works hard to be    sure that your needs are met.  He has experience teaching ages 4 through 80.


Visit Ed at  and on FaceBook at

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In the ever-unfolding and expanding image of a musician comes Bobby Earl Hamilton. Bobby has spent his life loving music and everything about it. His dreams of being a drummer began as a small child. At the ripe age of 2, Bobby acquired his first drum-set through strategic negotiations with his parents.-He agreed to stop beating on the furniture and Mom and Dad  agreed to pick up the expense for his first pair of drum sticks and first set of drums. This simple agreement set the wheels in motion.

Over the next decade He beat and played his way through drum competition after competition, awing and amazing those in his path. Growing up in Orange County California opened doors unavailable in any other part of the country. Bobby showcased his talents as a member of the famed Velvet Knights Drum Corp. He then took advantage of his Southern California roots and spent his free time training under the best touring and recording musicians of the time. He learned the insides and outsides of the music industry.  It was only natural when one if his first professional gigs landed him on the road in a project produced by the famous Rob Halford of Judas Priest. .

Bobby Earl was Born and raised in Orange County ,California and also spent many years in Tennessee and Georgia, as the South hails from his mother’s side. Growing up in a family of,-teachers,-musicians and producers, the path had already been chosen for him and the journey was on. Bobby is a drummer and a teacher of the Percussive Arts now, and has played the drums for many well known and not so well known groups. He’s active as a studio player and is very comfortable on stage in front of thousands as well. Bobby was the drummer for, The Nathan Finfrock Band which released music for shows like, Disney’s, ”Ugly Betty”, ABC’s, ”Grey’s Anatomy” and HBO’s, ”Entourage” and  has been a studio session player in Los Angeles and Nashville. Currently you can catch him playing with his band,South of Somewhere as well as Mark Connors and Hollywood Yates from the NBC TV show,”American Gladiators”.  I feel truly blessed to be a part of the lives of so many wonderfully talented musicians and friends. It is an honor. Hope to see you in your town soon.

Throughout his career Bobby has shared the stage with many famous musicians including the likes of Adema, Depswa,  Firehouse, Dierks Bentley, Toby Keith, Sugarland, Emerson Drive, Jake Owen, Diamond Rio, The Zack Brown Band, Warrant, Korn, Zakk Wylde, Staind, and many more. He has played as a session drummer in Los Angeles, Nashville and his current home of Phoenix, AZ , recording under famed engineers/producers Aaron Carey (Gin Blossoms, Megadeth, Phunk Junkeez and Sheryl Crow) Larry Elyea (Jimmy Eat World, Authority Zero, and Beastie Boys)and Ken Mary (Ever Stays Red, Fifth Angel, Kendall Gaveck, The Beach Boys, Megadeth, Larue and Alice Cooper)

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