About Us




Fusion Drums, LLC was born when an engineer questioned his drummer friend about drum designs.  That conversation began a six year journey that culminated with a patented drum design.  While that patented drum design has yet to come to market, the pair worked towards a seemingly more modest goal of bringing a drummer’s multi-tool to market.  Inspired when Todd grappled with several tools and a drum key while helping his son’s junior high school drum line, Wayne, the engineer designed a multi-tool which came to be called the Gig-a-Tul ™.


The Founders

Co-founder Wayne, is a mechanical engineer by trade, and has dreamt of bringing his own creations to market as the owner of his own company.  Though not a drummer, Wayne played violin and in his youth and has a deep appreciation for the musical arts.

Co-founder Todd is employed in the financial services industry.  He began his fascination with percussion as a child, inspired by his father, who let him use his vintage Gretsch drum kit to learn on.  Todd has played snare drum in a Scottish bagpipe band for 20 years, and has played drum set at his church for over 15 years.  Todd loves teaching aspiring young drummers, and sharing his love of music and for the art of drumming.


The Legacy


Fusion Drums’ purpose is far more than just to create a lasting legacy for our families. We believe music is one of humanity’s greatest forms of expression. The positive effects of children learning music are well documented. Although the quality of musical education in the United States has improved greatly in the last 30 years, funding for musical education is among the first subjects to suffer budget cuts during poor economic times, and is often under-funded during good economic times.

Fusion Drums wants to do its’ part to ensure music can be handed down to future generations of performers and listeners by helping fund musical education. Therefore, Fusion Drums will proudly donate $1.00 from each Gig-a-Tul sold to the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation provides musical instruments to under-funded schools, giving more kids the opportunity to enrich their lives through music.


The Business

Todd and Wayne are men of faith and are committed to conducting business in an ethical manner.  This means we back our products, we treat our customers as we want to be treated, and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical business standards.  If you have an issue with one of our products, please contact us so we can resolve it.

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